Circuit 199 is a future, state of the art racing facility, motorsports park and entertainment venue where everyone from true beginners to Tier 1 athletes can pursue their passions and progress as safely as possible. Taking a lifetime of experience in racing, action sports and entertainment, the Circuit 199 team are intent on building a facility that will be world renowned for its extensive offerings.

Circuit 199’s facilities plan to include a next generation paved rallycross course, an action sports progression park, and a year-round bicycle, skateboard, and scooter facility.

“Our goal is to be a positive outlet in the community.” said Travis Pastrana on Circuit 199. “We want to build a facility that promotes fitness, camaraderie, and provides entertainment as well as economic growth for our community. We want to open our doors for local charity events whenever possible and we want to give people access to top driver and rider coaches who can help teach and mentor everyone from beginners through the most elite. I want to spend time with my family, outside and active, doing what we all love, together. That’s why I chose
Maryland. This is our home.”